Professional seeds for the modern market

Lamboseeds is the reference point in Italy in the quality seed sector.

Born in 2002 from the intuition of internationally renowned professionals engaged in active research on the best Italian plant ecotypes, the company has focused from the beginning on the development of seeds of the most interesting and valuable fruit and vegetable varieties, both from a production point of view that nutritional.


“Feeling good” passes through our vegetables

The theme of nutrition is one of the most critical of our time: there is a new approach to food, a growing attention to health aspects and a desire to prevent and control diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, excess cholesterol and obesity.

Precisely for this reason LamboSeeds selects vegetables with a high content of lycopene, alpha-lipoic acid and beta-carotene. These antioxidants and free radicals play a protective action on many organs; they promote the accumulation of good HDL cholesterol by promoting the synthesis of glutathione (the natural antioxidant present in our body).

Our Mission

  • Create new varieties, starting from the most authentic local ecotypes;
  • Select the best hybrids derived from them in the most interesting cultivation areas;
  • Produce quality seeds for careful horticulturists who want to stand out.

Thanks to its experience and its quality, over the years Lamboseeds has made itself known and has established itself by presenting real innovations on the market that can guide the choices and tastes of consumers, such as the original Minirossa, the first mini watermelon ever grown nationally.